Emmy Network Online Gathering

May 24th to May 26th, from 15.00 to 18.00 (UTC + 3 / Finnish time)

The gathering was held among Emmy Network Fellows with the purpose of keeping abreast of everyone's latest work and ideas and to ensure that the right people get connected with one another.

Agenda & recordings

Monday 24th of May
Jussi - Introduction to Fabrics

Mark - Fabrics Overview and Directions

Joseph - talk and Q&A

Tuesday 25th of May
Guillermo - Near-term Quantum Algorithms

Anna - Applications of Adaptive Dynamics

Harto - Generalized Receiver Operating Characteristic GROC

Toni - Reversible Turing Machines and Decidability

Wednesday 26th of May
Joël - Dynamics and Computation: Turing’s Long Shadow

Julian - Pseudo-orbits and the Skolem Problem

Vesa - Computation With Matrices

Joseph - 3 Projects
(Closing words of the Gathering)